• How do I check my balance and expiration date?

    You can check your balance and expiration date by dialing 611 from your good2GO mobile phone.  This is a free call.
    You can also check your main account balance by dialing *777# and then press send. You will receive a text message showing your balance and expiration date.
    Unlimited or Smartphone Unlimited
    You can check your remaining minutes by dialing *777*2# and then press send.
    Example: You have Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Text Msgs, 28 Megabytes and 99 MMS remaining.

  • How do I refill my US Travel SIM account?

    While in Canada, US Travel SIM airtime vouchers are available at many authorized retail locations.  
    Click Here to find one near you (link to Canadian store list)

    While in the US, good2GOmobile airtime refill cards can be used to refill your US Travel SIM account. These  are available at many authorized retail locations.  
    Click Here to find one near you (link to US store list)

  • How long are my minutes good for?

    All refills are good for 30 days. Each time you refill, your account expiration date will extend another 30 days and your balance will carry forward.

  • Am I charged for Long Distance Calls?

    Calls to any city in the USA are rated as a local call. There is no extra charge for a call outside your local area.
    International Calls are subject to local airtime + international per minute charges, based on what country you are calling.
    Click Here to Check our International Rates

  • How do I dial Long Distance?

    Calling to a Different area code:  Dial the area code, plus the 7 digit number.
    Example:   Calling from 214xxx1234  to 408xxx1234   dial 408xxx1234

  • How Do I Make an International Call?

    You must have a balance on your account to make an International Call.
    International Per Minute Rates are in addition to Local Airtime.
    Click Here to check current International Rates.
    Follow these easy steps to Call from the US to anywhere outside of the US (Including Canada and Mexico):
    1.  Dial +  or 011 and then the Country Code,  and phone number your are calling.
    > Call to Mexico Example:                  +52-744-1234567      or       011-52-744-1234567
    > Call to Sydney Australia Example:     +61-1234 5678         or       011-61-1234 5678
    2.  You will hear a welcome greeting, minutes available for the call, and your call will be connected.

  • What kind of phone do I need to use with the US Travel SIM service?

    You need an unlocked GSM phone which operates on 850mHz and1900mHz frequencies.  Data service requires manual programming of data settings.  

    Click Here for help with your data/web settings.
    iPhone Users:  MMS is restricted due to proprietary iPhone settings that are locked  by Apple. Pictures are easily sent on good2GO mobile by attaching the image to email.

  • Can I choose my phone number?

    No, numbers are randomly assigned, based on the zipcode you enter when activating your SIM card. The zip code you enter will make sure you get a local number for the area where you will use your phone the most. Keep in mind, there are no domestic long distance charges while in the US.

  • If my account expires will I lose my number?

    Your mobile number will be cancelled and re-assigned 30 days after your account expires. Once cancelled, your SIM card becomes invalid, and your mobile number cannot be restored.

  • Can I use my US Travel SIM service outside of the USA?

    The US Travel SIM service is currently only available in the USA.  
    Roaming outside of the USA is not available at this time.
    International calls can be made from the USA to other countries. 

  • Data Setting Programming Guide

    To access the wireless data network, your handset will need to be programmed with the US Travel SIM data settings.

    Data Bearer - GPRS (if not available use 'Packet Data')
    APN (Access Point Name)- att.mvno
    UserName/Pwd - blank, not used
    Proxy Push- Enabled
    Authenticaion type - Secure
    Home Page: http://ztdevice.home
    Proxy server/address:
    port number: 80

    GSM Handset Configuration Settings for MMS (send a picture/file via sms):
    Connection Name : MMS1
    Data Bearer: Packet Data
    Proxy Server Address:
    Access Point Name: att.mvno
    User Name: <leave blank>
    Prompt Password: No
    Password: <leave blank>
    Authentication: Secure

    To help you get started, we have compiled programming instructions for some of the more popular phones.  
    Find your phone model in the list below, and follow the steps to configure your device with the US Travel SIM data settings. If your phone model is not listed here, please refer to your phone's user manual, or visit your phone's manufacturer's website for further instructions.